A simple global bitcoin index you can trust.

Global Bitcoin Index™

The Global Bitcoin Index™ is the most authoritative index for Bitcoin pricing. The criteria for index membership, calculations used, and all data is publicly available without restriction. The GBI™ is fiat money and volume agnostic and uses SEO metrics as the main driver for weighting.

It’s about time Bitcoin benchmarks kept pace with the changing world.

The Global Bitcoin Index™ offers a real time measure of Bitcoin versus a diversified list of emerging and developed market currencies.

Global Bitcoin Index™ Methodology

Bitcoin trading is still in its nascent stages and we expect many of today’s leading exchanges to be displaced as advancements in blockchain technology, further clarity of the regulatory environment, mass adoption and other catalysts come to light.

The index was developed by taking into account its dynamically updated composition and representation of all of all major bitcoin indexes that report on the bitcoin price.

Bitcoin is the world’s currency and it belongs to everyone equally. The Global Bitcoin Index™ is fiat money and volume agnostic. Our proprietary model calculates the price of bitcoin by weighting each index on a variety of SEO factors.

Global Bitcoin Index™ Collection

The Global Bitcoin Index™ spot price is calculated every 10 seconds by taking the volume weighted average of the last 24 hours of trading, using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the time standard commonly used across the world to synchronize time across internet networks.

Since the index intends to include all fiat-bitcoin pairs traded, we use the most recent 15 minute timestamp from the Yahoo Finance All Currencies API for conversion.

We hope this straightforward formula makes it easier for analysis as well as helps users understand any variances in the data as more exchanges are brought into the index.

If any changes are made in the way we calculate the formula we will update those changes here as well as the Global Bitcoin Index™ API documentation.

Global Bitcoin Index™ Data

Timestamped data is collected from each exchange included in the index every 10 seconds from three IP addresses in three different countries. We do this to minimize ERROR return values to ensure data integrity.

Global Bitcoin Index™ daily price data is made available without restriction for export in .csv format. Individual exchange data is also available.

Please email if you would like to request trade data in 10 second or less intervals for either the Global Bitcoin Index™ or any of the individual exchanges in the index.

All data collected is freely available for use without restriction via the Global Bitcoin Index™ API.