Real Bitcoin compared to Fake Bitcoin. Thoughts?

gbtc vs bitcoin

GBTC:  Titled auditable ownership through a traditional investment vehicle

Invest in bitcoin through a traditional investment vehicle with shares titled in the investors name, making it more familiar to financial and tax advisors, and easily transferred to beneficiaries under estate laws.

Source: Grayscale

Bitcoin IRA: Real Bitcoin, Pure and Simple. Your coins verified on the blockchain

Bitcoin IRA, a qualified individual retirement account (IRA), is the only U.S.-based fund that follows the IRS guidelines to allow investors to keep actual Bitcoin in their retirement portfolio.  The platform has opened Bitcoin Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) worth over $2 million since it started its operations 5 months ago. Get your FREE Investment Guide HERE

Source: Investopedia


Comparison between investing in Bitcoin IRA versus Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust.

Country: USA

Region: North America

Grayscale and Bitcoin IRA

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