Can ‘Beyond The Void’ and ‘Nexium’ fill the void of ‘lack of rewards’ in the gaming industry?

Beyond The Void

“If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to get off gaming and get a life, then I would have been very rich”

                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Every Gamer Ever

Every real time strategy gamer out there would surely relate to the above quote as patience is their strongest virtue. MOBA games pool in rare talents which makes it impossible for one definite strategy or style to triumph the game. It requires a continuous up-gradation of your strategies and techniques coupled by right choices of weapons and accessories. This requires a lot of investment in terms of time and pre – 2007 was considered simple waste of time. Post 2007 e-Sports gained traction and the investments in terms of time were rewarded with astounding prize money. But not every gamer reaches the professional level league to win such whooping cash prizes. But what if I told you that there is a game that would reward all the players alike basing on their skill. The best part is it’s not even a competition, just playing the game can reap in money. Well ‘Beyond The Void’ holds such promise:

The Game:

Just like DOTA 2 or League of Legends, ’Beyond the Void’ is a real-time strategy video game. It is One vs One and also competitive so that it can be played in E-sport tournaments.

The game’s objective is to command your Mothership through an epic space war as you conquer planets while fighting your opponent’s fleet. One should strategically choose their skills and event cards wisely to fit their gameplay beforehand. The players must manage their resources judiciously in real time to achieve one goal: defeat the enemy.


How are the players rewarded? Well the answer lies in the word ‘Nexium’. The Nexium is the Token  of Beyond the void. The game has 100,000,000 Nexiums, created through an Ethereum contract. The availability of Nexium is divided between Presale, Development, the Communication and the Crowdfunding phases. The Nexium unsold during crowd funding phase will be burnt. Also half of the Nexiums received while selling a newly created item will be burnt. This would create scarcity and increase the value of Nexiums. The game allows trade of assets making it easy to actually trade value of Nexiums.

The Nexiums are convertible to ether and hence we can generate revenue through the game. The original Nexium price on the crowdfunding opening will be 700 Nexiums/Ether. However, this price will change every time 5 million Nexium are sold.

 How to get Nexium and be a part of this game:

An Ethereum smart contract specifically created for the Nexium token sale will take care of all the transactions. In order to participate in the Nexium token crowdsale, one has to use Ethers to purchase Nexiums. The contract ensures all the Ethers received will be blocked until the  € 110,000 crowdfunding goal is achieved. If the goal is not reached by December the 1st, all the funds will be returned to the backers. Nexiums will be available for exchange on Openledger  as soon as the crowdfunding is finished.

token sale

Now this is a classic example of a profitable investment that is surely going to entertain.

Beyond The Void

Hosted on OpenLedger, the sale starts Tuesday, November 1, … ‘Beyond the Void’s’ Philosophy Behind the Nexium Token.

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