Loyalty on the Blockchain is So Hot Right Now


BitScan, the popular Bitcoin directory and merchant site have already announced they are developing their loyalty rewards program, Incent, on the Wave platform, it is using it’s 9,000 strong bitcoin-accepting merchants to gear up for what could be the most explosive ICO of the year. 

If the team gets it right, it will more than shake up the current fintech ecosystem and consumers will finally have rewards be transportable between participating merchants.

Big Opportunity to Disrupt Loyalty

Earlier in the week IBM and Chinese banking card firm UnionPay’s E-payment Research Institute previewed a collaborative project at Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2016 that enables consumers to exchange loyalty points between any of the banks they do business with.

BitScan, has teamed up with Waves, the custom blockchain token platform to develop a new merchant-funded loyalty network that uses blockchain technology to create a loyalty program that eliminates much of the cost and liability that merchants have to bear when issuing loyalty rewards. The network being developed is called Incent, and it’s ICO, or Initial Coin Offering is all set for October 1.

Here’s how the Incent loyalty platform will work, courtesy of Brave New Coin.

“The [Incent] system is built around a universal loyalty token, which is designed to increase in value with adoption. The token is both spendable cash and an attractive investment to hold in the medium-to-long term. This article is copyright 2016 TheWiseMarketer.com.

Essentially, the Incent loyalty platform allows merchants and retailers to launch customized loyalty programmes with no additional costs or resources. As an open blockchain solution, Incent handles the distribution, storage, exchange, and creation of tokens and loyalty systems. Incent tokens give consumers the freedom to decide whether to spend them with the original retailer, other retailers using the system, or sell them an exchange for cash or other digital currencies.”

Participate in the Incent ICO

ICO investors will benefit from a token backed by merchant sales volume from launch. You can find our more details here.

Get excited. ICO is launching in 2 hours, 37 minutes from now.

Incent Loyalty Rewards Explainer

“For digital currencies, the key to mainstream traction is delivering value to mainstream commerce. Building on Waves’ incredible infrastructure, Incent is designed to do just that” – Rob Wilson, CEO Bitscan

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