Synereo raises over $3 million to kill Spotify

Building a Decentralized Economy

Synereo just had a highly interesting “secondary offering” that was very unusual in the crypto world. Usually in traditional equities markets, secondary offerings are carefully managed by a consortium of investment bankers and priced a little below the NYSE or NASDAQ spot price. To see this in a secondary token crowdsale proves the innovative technology of decentralized social networks like Synereo are just the start of something big.

I mean it’s going to be a much greater I think then the shift from the pre-internet times to today. – Dor Konforty, CEO and Co Founder of Synereo

It is important to Dor, the Israeli developer hard at work on Synereo and blockchain technology to create the best set of tools for the creation of any application or network in a completely decentralized and distributed way. Synereo is more than a social network it’s a way of organizing people and information and its decentralized structure loosely mimics the human brain.

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Two-thirds of all internet users communicate and share their lives on social networks. The number of sites that garner the most attention is surprisingly small compared to the massive number of users, and the traffic they generate is truly staggering. For instance – 1 of every 5 page views in the United States occurs on Facebook.

Tel-Aviv based blockchain startup Synereo is building a network owned by users and controlled by no one. Users connect directly to one another, via secure cryptographic channels that prevent governments, spooks, and marketing agencies from eavesdropping without your consent.

Synereo’s cryptocurrency, the AMP, compensates users for storage, computation, and bandwidth to the network; fueling the underlying decentralized servers.

Up until recently, Synereo LTD and its founders governed $300,000,000 worth of AMPs. But in a move to gravitate towards decentralization, the team have decided to burn about half of all AMPs held in Synereo’s wallets, including the “Founder and Future Funding wallets, effectively destroying over 731,108,937 AMPs worth close to $146,221,787 USD, based on recent market prices.

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One AMP is currently trading at $0.181792

Synereo Price Chart

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Participate with Equity Investment

The call for investments will be facilitated with the help of BnkToTheFuture, the online investment platform for financial innovation and technology investment opportunities. Qualifying investors can invest in, and receive shares of, Synereo LTD starting from a minimum investment of $1000. Equity investors on BnkToTheFuture will receive an AMP bonus, depending on the size of their investment. BnkToTheFuture allows you to invest in Synereo LTD via Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, and a variety of Altcoins.

Deetail on the AMP Sale

All AMPs to be sold during this campaign are pre-existing AMPs, created in advance and held by Synereo for this purpose. No new AMPs will be created for this sale. As Synereo is committed to utter and complete transparency in all its dealings, all AMP transactions carried out by the company can be viewed here. Minimum participation amount is 0.01 BTC.

Additional Bonus for Synereo Participants

As a special bonus to all readers throughout the crowdfunding campaign, OpenLedger offers 10 OBITS in exchange to all signups using the following link. You can claim them by sending 1 AMP* to the account on OpenLedger named: synereo.

*on OpenLedger all deposited AMPs are showing on the platform as OPEN.AMP

Synereo just had a highly interesting “secondary offering” that was very unusual in the crypto world. The network owned by users and controlled by no one just raised over $3 million.

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