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Bitcoin has it’s own comic book

The identity of Bitcoin’s creator, known by the supposed alias Satoshi Nakamoto, has remained a mystery. Many theories have circulated, but no conclusive evidence has been provided regarding the person or group behind Bitcoin making for an entertaining new comic book called “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” is soon to be which was recently released. Although the team does not know who the identity of the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, they’ve created a compelling story around the mystery. We may never know who created Bitcoin, and maybe that’s for the best, but the fascinating origin of Bitcoin provided the impetus for this comic book. I had the chance of interviewing Alex Preukschat, the founder of the project to get an inside peek at their release.


Who is Satoshi Nakamoto in the comic?

We have no hunch who Satoshi Nakamoto is but we call our graphic novel “Bitcoin: The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” because of all the speculation around his identity and the unfortunate event that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto had to go through earlier this year. In the final page of the comic book we try to transmit that we are all Satoshi Nakamoto through a block chain like illustration with people of the world represented in it. In the comic book the main character, Bob, is chased by the mob and the NSA. Bob doesn’t even know why he is being chased, but a member of the Bitcoin community helps him along the story.

Where did the idea to create a comic book about Satoshi Nakamoto come from?

I always wanted to do a comic book about money, because I think it is fundamental to understand the characteristics and functions of money to create a better and fairer society. Bitcoin was a natural choice because it has all the elements for creating a very exciting story that can interest everyone and the fact that we don’t know who Satoshi Nakamoto is makes the whole story behind Bitcoin even more interesting.

The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Comic Book IHB News

How many people are on your team, and are you all interested in Bitcoin?

We are a team of three people. Josep Busquet and myself have co-written the script and José Ángel García Ares did the illustrations. I met Ricardo, our Spanish editor from Dibbuks, two years ago at The Angoulême International Comics Festival (the largest comics festival in Europe, and the second biggest in the world) and in October 2013 I proposed him the outline of what I was hoping to do with a comic book about Bitcoin. Josep is a well-known script writer and illustrator in the European comic book scene and he focused mainly on creating a story line that would help us to reach as many people as possible to introduce them to the idea of what Bitcoin is. My responsibility was in making sure that we covered the elemental aspects of what Bitcoin is and introducing interesting references to cryptography and the cryptocurrency world along the comic book. José Ángel did an amazing job with the illustrations and character creation and he is a very talented artist with whom it is really fun to work with. Ricardo is the owner of Dibbuks, a Spanish comic book publisher, and he got so excited with the project that for the launch of the comic book he will start accepting bitcoins as a method of payment for all his comic book titles online. We hope to continue convincing more people we get in touch with along the way to accept bitcoins as a payment method.

When do you plan to release the comic, and will it be free for all?

Our plan is to publish the Spanish and English version of the comic book by November 2014. The comic book will be available in digital and paper format. Our pre-sell Bitcoin price during the SWARM campaign for one standard copy will be 0.05 bitcoins.

We have a list of awesome rewards lined up going from a copy of the book, to a special founder editions to an actual cameo appearance in the comic book. By issuing our own coin – the Comicoin – we will be able to engage more deeply with the Bitcoin community. Comicoin will be redeemable and have voting rights and we are looking into other possibilities, something we believe will make it quite fun also. The SWARM team and ourselves are putting a serious effort into this campaign to create a unique experience for all those that will participate.

UPDATE: The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto has been released. You can purchase it here

How can people get connected with the project and purchase the comic book?

Our email newsletter is growing quickly at and we will update all subscribers on the evolution of the comic book and we hope that many will join the crowd sale via to support the English edition.

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So although we won’t find out the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto at the end of the comic book, Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto looks to be a compelling read. Creative projects like this one help make Bitcoin and cryptography more accessible to a broad audience by covering such topics in a fun and approachable way.

The English-language version of the world’s first comic about cryptocurrency Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto has successfully been made.

Country: Spain

Region: Europe

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