Rocket Scientist, William Mook’s $700,000 Bitcoin Price Target

I Have Bitcoins Rockets Scientist William Mooks 700000 Bitcoin Price Target

“We need food, we need power, we need shelter… and we have the technology to do that, The powerful 1% have painted themselves into a corner… We are ruled by psychopaths.” William Mook

William Mook, a two time Patent holder, an entrepreneur and a polymath with a deep interest in how science creates wealth has made a bold prediction one year ago when he spoke with Max Keiser and gave his opinion in regards to Bitcoin’s price into the future:

William Mook on the possible Bitcoin Price

“I think it’s about $700,000, and that equals the amount of money in circulation” he went on to say, “It will only take 2.5% of the demand deposits [as insurance] in the world” for this to happen. If it does, “The fiat currency can go the way of the Dodo bird”.

Mook invented the computer based cash register in 1985 as well as a golf ball that changes color in 1990, so we do not take his price projections lightly, nor does this magazine endorse them.

Mook has storied history of technical innovation

Mook, has a history of starting companies around his inventions, maturing them and finally selling them. As CEO of Orbatek he once explained how it was possible to offer commercial transport to the Moon for $80 million each. This was before the Russians sold their first trip to orbit for $20 million. He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Ohio State and is actively involved in the Bitcoin community.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion or prediction. Remember Professor Mark T. Williams (aka Professor Bitcorn) with his bold prediction that Bitcoin will crash to $10 by mid-2014? We are almost there and would like to interview him for an update soon.


William Mook, an entrepreneur who tracks the bitcoin and price markets, says the actual price could reach $700,000.

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Region: North America

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