A Look Back At Previous Satoshi Nakamoto Guesses

I Have Bitcoins A Look Back At Previous Satoshi Nakamoto Guesses

We all like a delicious news scoop. We read through personal advice columns about other people’s problems, imaginary or otherwise. We look into someone else’s shopping cart or click on headlines that promise to deliver sensation. While the drama around the ethics of the ‘discovery’ of Satoshi Nakamoto and his ‘denial’ is being played out in the media, we sit back and wonder about past speculations – is this who we thought Satoshi Nakamoto was?

The popular surmise was that it was a group of crypto-anarchists who were also brilliant engineers and coders. Did they attend regular underground meetings a la Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’?

Were they bankers who were disgusted with the system they were in and sponsored Silicon Valley geniuses to come up with something that financial systems couldn’t beat?

A popular pick was Shinichi Mochizuki, a Japanese mathematician whose proof of ‘abc conjecture’ is so long that other mathematicians are still verifying it. If Shinichi isn’t shy about publishing his other works, why would he be about this one?

The Bitcoin website was registered in Finland, so people pointed at anyone related to Finns. Martti Malmi made the first ever bitcoin transaction, and yes, he is based in Finland. And a group of UK based computer scientists Neal King, Vladimir Oksman and Charles Bry travelled to Finland two months before the Bitcoin domain was registered and released patent applications similar to Nakamoto’s research two days after the domain was registered. All of them have denied any involvement with Bitcoin.

The CIA is a popular choice as well,we don’t know enough, but apparently, Nakamoto Satoshi (first and last names reversed) in Japanese means ‘central thinking’ (and with a little imagination and extrapolation, Central Intelligence Agency).

Well, that doesn’t settle the issue and the matter probably won’t be resolved anytime soon.


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